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6 Ways to Get Back on Your Mat

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Where did my motivation go?!

You get onto your mat as you’re rolling out of bed or maybe getting ready to go to bed and you can’t seem to figure out what to do.

As if you’re going through some sort of a yogic block you can’t seem to find any rhyme or reason to get started with your flow.

Ask yourself: Have I been doing the same poses everyday, have I gotten tired of them? Have I been doing the same type of yoga everyday and just no longer have the desire for those types of movements?

Here are a few tips on how to get back into the routine YOU LOVE:

  1. Change your flow. Maybe you do one specific set of poses everyday or you always do a vinyasa or gentle yoga flow. Switch it up! Try something you’ve never done before. Never do balancing poses? Start with those! Never slow down to hold poses for a few more breaths? Hold them out! I’ve found something as simple as holding a pose a little longer changes my whole mood towards my yoga session. The magic of the breath!

  2. Alter your surroundings. Spice up your flow room with some plants or light decor. Whether you choose to buy a magical tapestry or add a grass wall to your room, the visual stimuli will surely get you onto your mat. I enjoy adding more greenery to my room so I can create a deeper sense of connection with nature. A few more snake plants never disappoints.

  3. Check in with your 5 senses. Have you tried an oil diffuser? Maybe you need to change your mat. Change the texture you feel on the ground, change what you smell each and every time!

  4. Accessorize your flow! Mats, straps, blocks, a wheel! See the cutest yoga wheel online and think to yourself what can I do with this? The possibilities are endless. Go buy some fun new toys to play with during your next practice!

  5. Bring in a friend (or a pet). Try your flow under the sun with a buddy. Allow you and your friend to explore more difficult poses by helping each other! Maybe if you don’t enjoy others in your space bring in your pet for some added excitement. Cat/cow becomes a fun game when you have a furry friend to share it with. My cat Wonder particularly enjoys these poses with me.

  6. Take a class! So you’ve tried all of the above and your inspiration is shot. Find a studio close to you and try out some yoga classes. Whether you want to try hot yoga, hatha yoga or a traditional vinyasa flow see if an instructor can get you motivated again. I enjoy an occasional hot yoga class to physically reignite my motivation!

Here is Wonder and I enjoying our yoga sesh together.

Ready to get on your mat? Check out the services provided below to help you achieve your yoga goals!

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